Ransomware & Outdated Windows Operating Systems.

Companies that are living in the past, are at great risks of being victims of Ransomware, Malware or being hacked in general. If your office computers are running outdated versions of windows such as anything under Windows 7, or a Server running under Windows Server 2012, you are also at a great risk. The same goes for web browsers. To ensure proper and safe security of your company, it is essential that your computers, servers and everything else as well is always updated and scanned for any possible issues regularly because the latest Ransomware threats are happening due to security flaws in outdated Windows Operating systems. Many companies and people, in general, do not understand the risk and how important this really is until it affects them.

Within the past month or so two major Ransomware situations have occurred that affected many companies worldwide. It isn’t how viruses used to be years ago, where it infected the computer and then that computer can either be cleaned out, or the files can be backed up and then windows can be easily re-installed and that’s it. However Ransomware is a much bigger ball game simply because it attacks what is most important to you and your organization and that is your files, and unless you run proper backups regularly and within proper procedures then you can take an extremely huge hit that can ruin your entire business with one hit. Why Ransomware is a much bigger threat than the traditional viruses is because it encrypts your files, which means it locks them so you are unable to open or edit them.

Don’t become a statistic in the cyber security world. Be smart about the situation, you worked hard to run your business and get it to where it is today, so why not make sure that your tech is always up to date, regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and you have multiple backups in place including offline and off-site backups as well.