Why is cable management important?

Cable management is something that is rather important in many aspects. It is used everywhere, in phone lines, cable lines, etc. Cables should always be managed and labeled properly in order to easily find the correct one during an emergency or in case it needs to be changed. For computers, this is also quite important. Let’s say we have an office with many computers and each computer is at its own cubicles or desk. Now the typical cables a computer really has connecting to it is the power, video, the internet, unless it is wireless and the same goes for keyboard and mouse. Some people have much more cables and sometimes they are a huge tangled mess such as in the pictures below. It is important to have all cables neatly organized and wrapped around with either cable ties or velcro or really anything else that works. In the event something goes bad and needs to be changed, it can easily be done to find the correct cable. If someone attempted to find the correct cable in the mess below, well good luck to them right. Compare the top two pictures to the bottom comparison picture to see what a huge difference it really makes.