Why keeping pictures of sensitive information such as your ID on your phone is a bad idea?

Since the smartphone was first released, it became a whole other world of using a mobile phone. Aside from what it eventually got to which is what we can do on it today including but not limited to making phone calls, sending text messages, browsing the internet and almost everything else that we can imagine.

However, one thing that many people love on these smartphones is the camera. People take pictures of everything and that is where the issue is. Many people take pictures of classrooms notes, important information instead of writing it down and so forth. One thing we have seen many people do is to take pictures of their ID card or passports. Now, this is so bad that people don’t even realize it or just don’t want to realize it.

It is never a good idea to take a picture of your driver’s license or other forms of Identification like a credit card and just keep it saved in your phone’s photo album like it’s a regular picture just like the picture of your dog. It is very bad to do so because both of those things have very valuable information and it being in your phone’s photo album is almost equivalent to you hanging it out of your window like a piece of laundry. The same goes for keeping things like passwords or similar things typed in on your phone’s notepad software in clear text. It can very well be read by the wrong eyes and you won’t even know it because we aren’t talking about it being physically read, but instead in the back end where you won’t even know about it.

So remember this next time you decide to take a picture of something with sensitive information and decide to keep it on your phone, or to remember your password easier and just type it into notes, or as a text message to yourself. It may not affect you today, it may not affect you tomorrow or even this year, or at all but in the world of technology it’s about being smart and thinking ahead, because if you fall one step behind within the world of technology and that could be the end of the road.