How Misusing Facebook can affect your Career Life?

Facebook became quite popular within the past 10 years. Yes, it’s been that long, and so much has changed since the days of Myspace and other sites. Today Facebook is one of the most popular means of social media, even though there are others such as Twitter, Instagram and so forth. However, Facebook has a mix of everything that all of the other apps have as well but slightly different. One thing that Facebook has is the ability for users to post statuses, pictures and then organize them into albums. So overall we can say that it’s a pretty good means of social media right? Well, the answer is No, because there are a few things that most people do on Facebook that can ruin their professional career life in the future and they don’t even realize it. Here are a few of the things that you do Facebook that is actually quite bad.

1: Everyone loves to take pictures nowadays and that is perfectly fine, we love to take pictures as well, however what many people do is use Facebook as a photo storage and that is totally wrong for a few reasons, one of them being is that while Facebook allows you to upload a lot of photos it doesn’t mean that you should, so while you post pictures of your night out with friends, and holding liquor bottles and, half-dressed pictures and so forth. These pictures can ruin your Career life and you don’t even realize it. How? When you go to hopefully work in a professional company, some may ask you to waive your privacy settings, so that nothing is blocked, and then they will go through and see those wonderful pictures of yours and then you will get a call saying sorry we decided to go with someone else.

TIP: If you want to go and party with friends drink till you pass out or whatever the case is that’s totally fine, but remember this if you enjoy doing that but then on Monday you hope to put on a suit and attend a meeting or work on a new business deal, then stop posting all of your pictures on Facebook. You can post pictures, but keep it simple. Post a few proper pictures of an event or whatever else, but keep it proper and simple. If you have a lot of pictures and you want to store them somewhere online for easy and secure access, then check out cloud solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box etc..

2: The next thing we have on Facebook which some people overuse way too much is the statuses. Some people tend to write horrible things and in such horrible wording and grammar. Now, of course, it’s not like writing a business letter or a resume where everything must be written properly and sound nice, but going back to the previous situation of photo albums, once again if you decide to pursue a professional career and the company checks your Facebook and they see your statuses which are not so appropriate, that can cost you that job and affect you.

We are not implying that you should forget about social media and Facebook altogether, we are talking about being smart while using it and not overusing it. Keep it professional and proper. It is still a great way to connect with friends and family.

Overall just remember that technology is changing and advancing every single day and while regular users see everything as excitement and that social media is so wonderful and you can do everything it doesn’t mean that you should. You should be smarter than it and think before you do. It’s not the same as when you are using it as teenager and life seems as all fun and games.