Why Re-using Passwords is bad and can hurt you.

The password has always been an important feature that we use almost everywhere. It is used to login to your most important things such as your email, bank accounts, social media and more. However, one thing that many people struggle with when it comes to the password is thinking of one that is both secure and easy to remember. So most people will make a password that has to do with them such as kids names, wedding anniversaries etc. While these may be easy to remember they are horrible passwords, because if someone knows enough about you, then they can guess your password. If the password wasn’t already a struggle to remember it, we need one for a bunch of different sites that we use. Many people end up reusing the same exact password on every website, in some cases plus minus by changing a letter or changing the order, which in reality is equal to not changing it at all. Reusing the same password on multiple sites is very bad to do and can eventually affect you greatly.

Why is it so bad to Reuse the same exact password on multiple sites?

Let’s look at a small scenario. We have a user named John Smith. He created a password for his email. The password that he made is Sparky032011 So what can we tell from his password? Well, we know that he must have a pet by the name sparky that must have been born March 2011. So great it is easy for him to remember his password, so what exactly is so bad about it if he will take this password and use it for his bank, his facebook, his Netflix, some gaming website and so forth? Well, let’s say for instance this gaming website gets hacked and now the hackers have a list of 10,000 usernames and passwords. So now the hacker doesn’t even have to know you at all. What they will do is take the username and password that they just recovered from the hacked gaming site and go onto other websites and attempt to use this information there to see if it will be a successful match. If a person Reuses the same password on every single website that they use, then a hack like this will affect that person greatly, if the hacker decides to check if it will work on an email system or even a bank account they will end up being successful and now can cause major damage to the victim.

How to Avoid Reusing Passwords?

We understand that it is hard enough to remember one password, and now if someone has to remember 50 different passwords, and they all have to be different and unique it’s practically a nightmare. We can’t say it enough, that by using weak passwords and especially Reusing them is extremely bad and can eventually land you in hot water. Maybe not today or tomorrow but it can eventually happen. So how to avoid it is what we had mentioned in the past in a different blog post. Use a password manager. By using a password manager, the person only has to remember one secure password that cannot be forgotten no matter what. Then within this program, you can create various entries for yourself and make complex passwords that are very strong and you can make different ones for different websites that won’t look anywhere identical to each other. The best thing of all will be that you will never have to worry about remembering multiple passwords. Only one password and that is all. This way you will not have to become a victim of Password Reuse and can go from Sparky032011 to #Zat%B$LFCH;Fnnd”ToD?pDLfPkR|~kzPwS. Which has no relation to you at all, and can not be easily guessed.

Remember this, We never think that we can be a victim of anything technology related until it hits us. Why become a statistic, when there are many precautions that you can take to better protect yourself and your most valuable important information. It’s Better, to be safe than sorry”